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Xena's (played by Lucy Lawless) home of Amphipolis was under siege by the warlord Cortese when Xena was a young girl. Xena's brother, Toris, left but her mother, Cyrene (who killed her father, Atrius, when he wanted to sacrifice Xena), and her younger brother, Lyceus, stayed with her as she fought back to reclaim her village. Unfortunately, Lyceus was killed.

Xena realized that she could not remain, she left to become the Conqueror of Nations. Xena conquered everywhere she encountered. Over time, Xena mastered her warrior skills.

Xena traveled far, meeting people who would end up helping her, even though she did not know this. Two women, M'Lila and Lao Ma, taught her many things. Skills to aid her in battle and herself. Though she was taught many things, Xena did not listen to their teachings.

Xena and her fellow warlord Borias produced a son, Solan. Xena left Solan with the Centaurs so that no one would know of his existence and she did not want him to end up like her.

Xena prohibited the killing of women and children when she was conquering. Her lieutenant Darphus ignored her and did so anyways. Xena found a baby still alive and refused to allow it to be murdered. Darphus stoled Xena's army and when Xena refused to join them, made Xena suffer the punishment of the Gauntlet, two rows of warriors who strike the victim with clubs until they reach the end of the line, for leaving her army. No one had survived this part of the Warrior's Code, but Xena. Shortly after, Hercules helped Xena onto the path of goodness. Then she finally began to understand what M'Lila and Lao Ma tried to teach her.

Realizing the errors of her ways, Xena and Gabrielle with Argo (played by Tilly), who comes to Xena with a whistle, go around helping people for the Greater Good as Xena restores her soul.

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