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Krazy's Hercules - Iolaus Page
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Iolaus (played by Michael Hurst) and Hercules have been friends since their childhood. As a child, Iolaus tended to get into minor trouble. Iolaus spent much of his time practicing the skills of the warrior.

Iolaus is known for falling for a pretty face too quickly, his romance with Xena, who at the time was evil and wanted Hercules dead, almost led him to kill Hercules. As Iolaus and Hercules travel, Iolaus always helps Hercules fight evil. No matter what pretty face comes along.

Recently, Iolaus has fallin' for a pirate named Nebula. While saving Nebula's life, by jumping in front of her and taking a knife in chest when her brother wanted to sacrifice her for Dahak, Iolaus unfortunately passed on to the Underworld.

Hercules grieved for Iolaus and a short time later realized that Iolaus became the sacrifice that Nebula was suppose to be. Iolaus's body was taken over by Dahak. Hercules decided that Iolaus did not want this and fought Dahak. Eventually, without harming Iolaus's body, Hercules defeated Dahak in Iolaus's body with Iolaus.

The last we see of Iolaus is when he leaves for the beyond...

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