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Krazy's Hercules - Hercules Page
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Many, many years ago, Zeus, took on a human form and romanced a beautiful young woman named Alcmene, behind his wife's, Hera, back. The result of this was a baby boy, who is half mortal and half God, who is far stronger than any man, Hercules.

Hercules (played by Kevin Sorbo) found it difficult to grow up without a father, but Hera's anger prevented Zeus from spending much time with Hercules. During his childhood, Hercules felt angry at his father and believed that his father abandoned his mother and him because all he wanted was some fun.

During his youth, Hercules and his friend Iolaus learned the art of war and the way of the true warrior, to fight without anger but a sense of justice and compassion, from Cheiron, a great Centaur warrior.

Many years later, Hercules met and fell in love with Deianeira. Hercules settled down with Deianeira and they produced three children; Aeson, Klonus, and Ilea. Hercules still kept up on his adventures.

One day, Hera, who despises Hercules (who stands for Zeus's fun), decided to direct her attack at Hercules at the one thing he cherished most, his family. Hera threw fireballs from above that destroyed Hercules wife and children.

Hercules was full of rage and decided that Hera was to pay for her actions. Hercules burned his home and set off to destroy all of Hera's temples. While traveling to the temples, Hercules encountered a man asking for help, but he refused. After a while, he realized how wrong he was and decided to help the man who wanted Hercules to slay the She-Demon of Ister.

Hercules still continues his journeys, usually with Iolaus, sometimes with Salmoneus, Autolycus, or other mortals. Hercules even helped Xena "find herself". And occasionally they help each other fight against evil.

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